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Visual artist tells women’s stories in crochet

Aze Ong has been crocheting since she was 12. Growing up, she perfected the craft that, nine years ago, she told her father that this is what she wanted to do for the rest of […]

Gov’t stirs Pinoy machismo on reproductive health roles

“I didn’t know I would end up pregnant. He said everything will be okay,” Johaina Rahman, 17 and six months pregnant, recalls the night she thinks her boyfriend knocked her up. For Emalyn Sabtal, 27, […]

Midway and pending: the Philippines’ demographic dream

One in 10 Filipino girls aged 15-19 have begun childbearing;  1 in 3 young people are engaging in early, unprotected sex, and 1 in 4 women are experiencing spousal violence. Further, one-fifth of the Philippines’ […]

Youth leaders talk sex, create nonfiction narratives in WWW sessions

  Virginity. The first time. Is it safe to put in just the tip? When is the best time to put on the condom? What is the value of marriage? Where are the accessible and […]

Transgender women in a transitioning world

Women Writing Women shares the story of two transgender women who battled odds and still continue to do so as the Philippines and the world learn to live with human diversity.

When women don’t want any more children

When Cyrene Villar, 24, gave birth to her son Amir, now one-year-old, she wanted to recover from her difficult pregnancy and hopefully not be pregnant again.  Not that she did not cherish the blissful moments […]

A protest in purple flowers

The World March of Women-Pilipinas denounced the “forces that set us back in our hard-won struggles.” The coalition called on the Philippine government not to overturn gains in basic freedoms.

Elena and her fight for women living with HIV

  Upon arriving home after years of working abroad, Elena Felix didn’t hug her grandchildren. She said she couldn’t. “How could I? I have AIDS. I might infect the kids if I do that.” But […]

Walk Free From Fear

The streets of big cities like Metro Manila are busy and bustling, and they bear witness to the ugly truth that Filipino women who walk through them experience harassment on a daily basis. Streets are not safe for women regardless of what they are wearing.